Relocation Services

Find A Trustworthy Agent For Your Clients In Other Markets
When your clients have real estate needs in another market, they are going to turn to you for help finding a trustworthy agent. Your reputation is on the line! That's where we step in behind-the-scenes to help. Here's what we offer for free:

1. Extensive research in that market to find the best agents
2. Phone interviews to make sure the best agent is referred
3. A 25% referral fee paid to you
4. Professional tracking and follow-up to make sure you get paid upon closing

Start by completing the Tierra Antigua Referral Form

Get Help With Transactions Outside Of Your Expertise Or Area

Whenever your clients have real estate needs in another geographical area or outside of your expertise like land, commercial, short sales, and more, contact us for help. We'll match you with another Tierra Antigua Realty agent who specializes in that area or expertise. You'll be able to trust the quality of service your client receives and earn a referral fee.

Contact or 520.850.0187 to get started.

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