Property Verifications

Don’t want to complete a Property Verification on your own? Fill out the following fields, and for a small fee, we will do it for you.

Note: This service is only available for Pima and Pinal Counties.

Completing a Property Verification on your own? See the helpful links below.


Pima County Assessor:
Pima County Geographic Information Systems (GIS):
Pima County Sewer Connections:


City of Tucson:
Pima County:
Town of Sahuarita: 520.822.8852

Flood Maps & Zoning

FEMA Map Service Center:
Pima County Flood Hazard Parcel Search:


City of Tucson:
Pima County:
Town of Marana:

Road Maintenance

City of Tucson: 520.791.3154
Pima County: 520.740.2639
Town of Marana: 520.382.2600
Town of Oro Valley: 520.229.4800
Town of Sahuarita: 520.344.7100


All requests must be e-mailed. Searches require 24 hours. Please specify one of these seven options in the subject line of your e-mail. Also include the property address and any additional notes in the body of your e-mail.

1. Verification of septic only | installation date and last re-certification date if known
2. Site plan only
3. Original | as-built site plan only, if available
4. Last re-certification
5. Discharge authorization page only | just the first page of the discharge authorization
6. Discharge authorization page, site plan, and last re-certification
7. All septic records | please note there is a $25 fee for all septic records


Avra Water: 520.682.7331
City of Tucson: 520.791.3242
Community Water Company (Green Valley): 520.625.8409
Farmers Water (Green Valley): 520.879.7474
Flowing Wells Water: 520.887.4192
Green Valley Water District: 520.625.9112
Halcyon Acres Water: 520.298.7744
Lago Del Oro Water (Quail Creek, Saddlebrooke): 520.825.3423
Las Quintas Water (Green Valley): 520.625.8040
Los Cerros Water: 520.293.5500
Marana Water: 520.382.2570
Marana Domestic Water: 520.682.5027
Metro Water: 520.575.8100
Mt. Lemmon Co-Op: 520.576.1538
Mt. Lemmon Water: 520.325.9558
Oracle Water: 520.385.2226
Oro Valley Water: 520.229.5000
Rancho Del Conejo: 520.628.8335
Rancho Tierra Blanca HOA Water: 520.628.7748
Ray Water: 520.623.1332
Sahuarita Water: 520.399.1105
Sahuaro Water (Smyth Utilities): 520.398.9815
Southwestern Utilities: 520.623.5172
Spanish Trail Water: 520.269.6110
Tierra Linda Nueva Water (Smyth Utilities): 520.398.9815
Vail Water: 520.647.3679
Voyager Water: 520.574.5003
Winterhaven Water: 520.327.0111

Wood Infestation

State of Arizona Office of Pest Management:


City of Casa Grande: 520.421.8600
City of Coolidge: 520.723.5367
Pinal County Assessor:
Flood Control: 520.866.6638
Zoning: 520.866.6474


Arizona Public Service Company (APS): 520.421.8400
San Carlos Irrigation Project: 520.723.3701

Road Maintenance




Arizona Water (Casa Grande): 520.836.8785
Arizona Water (Oracle): 520.385.2226
Global Water (Red Rock): 520.682.4518
Goodman Water (Eagle Crest, Saddlebrooke): 520.623.5172