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A new form 'Model COVID-19 Certification for Property Access' has been added to Dotloop. You can find it under 'All the Documents' when adding a document to your Loop.

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Governor Doug Ducey has signed an Executive Order authorizing Remote Online Notarization starting on April 10th and ending July 1, 2020.

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With the shift in market behaviors the MLS of Southern Arizona has received requests for guidance surrounding virtual showings and the need for clarification for the recording of video and images during showings. Recently the MLSSAZ Rules and Regulations Section 2.11 Showing Instructions was revised to support current market trends and reinforce cooperation in the MLS marketplace.

MLSSAZ Rules & Regulations Section 2.11 - Showing Instructions: “Listing brokers shall provide showing procedures, instructions and restrictions within Showing Instruction field in the MLS. Participants and Subscribers shall strictly adhere to the instructions as specified by the listing broker. Participants and Subscribers may communicate with the listing broker to discuss and agree upon showing methods other than what has been entered for the listing. Failure of any Participant or Subscriber to follow Showing Instructions or agreed showing method on an MLS listing may be subject to a fine. (Added 01/2019)

Cooperating brokers and buyers must respect limitations the seller imposes on the making of photos or videos during showings and on the distribution of any resulting photos or videos. Listing brokers must indicate any limitations of this kind in the Showing Instruction Field of MLS before any showing for the limitation to be effective for that showing. (Added 03/2020)”

Given the current climate MLSSAZ recommends revisiting the listing Showing Instructions with your sellers. The Showing Instructions is a critical field where sellers express their expectations, limitations, and trust their instructions will be adhered to without exception, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. MLSSAZ support is available to help with any questions.

Yes. The AAR has released an official Coronavirus Addendum.

You can access the Coronavirus Addendum in Dotloop by clicking 'Add Document' in your loop -> click 'All the Documents' on the left side under templates -> type 'Corona' in the Search bar. See the video below for assistance with this.

A blank copy is provided below: Covid-19-Addendum-March-2020 (PDF)
Tierra Antigua is not closing down. While the offices will temporarily be closed to staff, agents and the public - all staff and management will be working from home and available during normal business hours. All of our office phone lines will be forwarded to the same staff that normally answers the phone at your respective office.
Our office staff and managers are available during normal business hours. You can reach your office staff and manager at the normal office number you would call:
  • Foothills/ Central (River) (520) 544-2335
  • Downtown - (520) 428-3338
  • East Office (Tanque Verde) - (520) 290-2335
  • Green Valley - (520) 428-0444
  • Northwest Office (Oracle) - (520) 318-5290
  • Safford Office - (928) 985-1400
  • Sierra Vista - (520) 439-8888
For after hours assistance our Helpline remains in place. Please call (520) 307-4357
1. We will be mailing checks daily for all who prefer that. Our River office is located next to a primary post office which will allow for a quicker delivery.
2. We will also offer curbside service for pick-ups at the River / Campbell location with more information to follow. We are moving all agents mailboxes to our River office.
3. We will always do our best to work with everyone in unique situations as we always have in our Tierra Antigua family. We understand that this will take some flexibility on all our parts and as a family does, we will all pull together to ensure that we can conduct business as usual under the constraints that we are currently facing.
Absolutely! There are no restrictions on you conducting Real Estate at this time. Our offices are temporarily closed for the sole purpose of preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Our company remains operational at 100% capacity. The only difference is the majority of the staff are working from home. All the same phone numbers and services you are use to are still in place.
As of 3/23/2020 the 'Open House' status has been disabled in MLSSAZ.

Below is a link to the NARs recently revised guide on Open Houses during the Coronavirus Pandemic. You might also consider some of the digital alternatives in the Tips & Tools section below:
Open House Guidance During COVID-19

* Source NAR
Yes, you may ask clients or others about their recent travel, particularly to areas having an increased risk of coronavirus. To avoid potential fair housing issues, be sure to ask all clients the same screening questions based on current, factual information from public health authorities. * Source NAR
Yes. However, be sure that any change to your business practices is applied equally to all clients. You may refuse to drive clients who show signs of illness or reveal recent travel to areas of increased risk of coronavirus, or you may instead stop driving clients in your car altogether, and arrange to meet clients at a property. If you do continue to drive clients in your car, frequently clean and disinfect door handles and seat belt latches, ask clients to use hand sanitizer when getting in and out of your car. * Source NAR
When an infectious disease, such as coronavirus, is associated with a specific population or nationality, fear and anxiety may lead to social stigma and potential discrimination. REALTORS® must be mindful of their obligations under the Fair Housing Act, and be sure not to discriminate against any particular segment of the population. While the coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, China, that does not provide a basis for treating Chinese persons or persons of Asian descent differently. *Source: NAR

Governor Doug Ducey, Arizona Department of Health Services Director Dr. Cara Christ, and Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs Director Major General Michael T. McGuire hold a briefing to provide updates on COVID-19 and public health in Arizona.

Governor Doug Ducey announced a “Stay at Home” order considering the growing number of COVID 19 cases in Arizona. This will take effect Tuesday, March 31st at 5 pm.

Thankfully we have been preparing for this and are fully functional from the comfort of our homes. The only change for you is that we are going to begin mailing checks starting March 31st, instead of curbside pickup.

We are fully committed to doing our part to eliminate the spread of this virus.

As always, our staff is here to help so please don’t hesitate to call any of the offices or email anytime.

Here are a few Tools and Resources for working from home:

There are so many tools and resources available for you to be able to do most of your meetings and things we would normally do face to face in person. Check out the video below for information on some of the top programs you can use to continue doing your business virtually:

All of our training on the TAU calendar is now being offered online. If you cannot make the live online stream, we are compiling a database of the recorded classes so that you can watch and learn at your leisure. This library is available in the Resource Center on in the Videos section or by clicking below:

"Pioneer Title offices are closed but OPEN by appointment only. So if you hear that they have locked their doors, that is true, your appointments for closings, though, will carry on.
So you know, they are screening all customers and vendors that are coming through their doors. As well as their own employees. They have a questionnaire form that the customer will be asked to fill out. So make sure that you advise your clients of this. Setting client's expectations can elevate their stress.
As many people that can work remotely are currently doing that to ensure that closing will happen and record on time. Checks will be processed as well. Otherwise, business as usually in the very unusual time.. "
6390 E Tanque Verde and 2890 E Skyline Dr. Title Security Office locations have temporarily closed. Staff from those offices will be working from home. In office appointments will be handled by alternative locations.
All restaurants, food courts, coffeehouses, bars, retail food establishments prohibited from serving food/beverages on-premises. All theatres, gyms, etc.
Here are some tips and tools to help with Buyers & Sellers in an era of social distancing:


Use Dotloop to Scan Documents from your Phone

iOS (iPhone/iPad):


Turbo Scan

This is an iPhone Application that is very inexpensive and simple to use. It allows you to literally turn you phone into a scanner to scan printed or signed papers.

Download here from the App Store:

Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is an Android App that lets you use your cell phone to scan printed/signed documents. It will convert them to a PDF and allow you to upload your scanned documents or share them by email.

You can download CamScanner for Android here:


Skye is a free communications tool that allows users to video chat by phone or computer. It is widely adopted, free and very easy to use. Which makes this one of the quickest options for you and your client to get up and running with video sharing.

Buyers Agents: Consider flipping the camera around and do a virtual walk-through for your Buyers. This will ease the Sellers mind by reducing the number of people going through the Sellers home. Be considerate, wear gloves, wear a mask for your protection and theirs. Be sure to provide the Seller with ample notice and be sensitive to any concerns about showing that the Sellers may have.

Zillow Walkthrough

The Zillow walkthrough app will allow you to record a video up to two minutes long for your listings. This video once published then will appear for that listing on Zillow. This is a great way to showcase your listing for potential buyers remotely. It's also a great marketing strategy to boost your listing on Zillow anytime.

How do I find the video walkthrough function in the app?

1) In the Premier Agent App, go to your listings, then add video.

2) In the Zillow Real Estate App, find your listing or not for sale home by typing in the address, then select take a video in the photo carousel or “More” menu.

3) In the Zillow Real Estate App, find your listing or not for sale home by typing in the address, then select take a video in the photo carousel or “More” menu.

Download the app and find additional help here:

Zillow 3D Home

The Zillow Download the app and find additional help here:

The unexpected arrival of the Coronavirus has impacted not only our daily lives but also our business. The Webinars and Virtual Meetings below are designed to help.


COVID19 Relief Hotline Issues w/Rick Mack

May 1st at 3:00pm - 4:00pm - Zoom Meeting

Join Rick Mack to discuss the COVID19 Relief Hotline Issues and answer questions that may be on your minds.

Practical Ways for Agents to Use Video During Social Distancing


BombBomb’s Alicia Berruti and dotloop’s Jason Reinking offer real-world tips on how real estate agents can use video to maintain face-to-face contact with their clients and sphere of influence. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The value of video in today's market
  • Ways to maintain relationships with video
  • Tips for recording walkthroughs and contract consultations
  • Types of videos to connect with clients
  • Types of video for communicating valuable information
  • Why and how to integrate dotloop with BombBomb

Click Here to Register

Senator McSally Call on 4/15

We have a special opportunity on Wednesday, April 15th and I want to give you the opportunity to participate.

The call with Senator McSally on Wednesday at 10 am Arizona time.

This call is exclusively for TAR REALTORS®. We are trying to make our members aware of all resources available to help their family and business in these challenging times.

We have plenty of room and would like to have a good showing for TAR on this call.

Here is the call-in number for next Wednesday at 10am AZ. Thank you!

(425) 436-6328; 104341#

You Can Help! Tucson Small Business Benefit Concert

Streaming Live Saturdays at 7 pm. Come together for the core of our community - Join the Social Distance Dance Party - Special Guests Emcee, Live Bands, Comedians, Artists, Chefs and more
Click Here to Learn More, Register or Donate on the website
Click here for the Facebook Page


Pop Up Webinar: Industry Update: Taking Care of Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Prerecorded)

Join us for our live-streaming "Pop UP" webinar featuring speakers representing the Arizona REALTORS®, the Escrow/Title industry and Mortgage Lending community who will discuss issues clients may be experiencing with their transaction and share their experiences.

Recorded webinar here:

Maintain a Healthy Business Amidst COVID-19 (Prerecorded)

What we'll cover:
  • Tips for putting buyer’s and seller’s minds at ease,
  • Essential strategies to maximize any downtime
  • Open Q&A so you can ask your questions live

Courtesy of Market Leader. Recorded Class Here:


This Too Shall Pass – an Interview with Dr. Lawrence Yun, NAR Economist:

COVID-19 Relief Hotline Updates with Rick Mack - Recorded Session:

The NEW COVID-19 Arizona REALTORS® Relief Hotline provides members with help navigating and applying for financial assistance programs during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This FREE member benefit is available to all Arizona REALTORS®. The hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to noon, and 2:00 to 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays.

The Relief Hotline, which will be staffed by attorneys at the law firm Manning & Kass LLP, will be available to provide all members with help during the health crisis, ranging from small business loans to unemployment benefits.

*Calls handled through the Relief Hotline do not result in an attorney-client relationship.

AAR News & Updates

AAR Coronavirus FAQs

The PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Act) Program is being rolled out to Independent Contractors beginning on May 12th. Please see the press release linked below for more information: