Fast Track Free Professional Designation Series – Consists of 15 classes giving agents the knowledge and confidence to jump start their real estate career. You will also earn our Pro Designation by completing all 15 of these classes.

  • Orientation
  • Working with Buyers Part 1
  • Working with Buyers Part 2
  • Working with Sellers Part 1
  • Working with Sellers Part 2
  • Prequalification, Loan Programs, Loan Process
  • Life of an Escrow, Prelim & Cost Sheets
  • Ultimate Open House
  • Pricing like a Pro
  • Due Diligence and the BINSR
  • Dotloop Part 1
  • Dotloop Part 2
  • Contracts Made Easy Part 1
  • Contracts Made Easy Part 2
  • Field Training

Free Expert Series Classes – Looking to take your real estate education to the next level? These classes are for you! Experienced and new agents alike will benefit from this 9 class series. By completing this full series and 3 elective LG classes along with completing our Pro Series, you will earn your Expert Designation! 

Core Classes:

  • Business 101
  • Is there a form for that? Addenda, Attachments, & Disclosures
  • Contingencies, Cures, and Cancellations
  • Buyer Presentation Live
  • Listing Presentation Live
  • New Construction Buyer Representation
  • Introduction to RPR (Realtors Property Resource)
  • How Are You Paying For That? – Seller Carry Back Financing
  • Home Warranties

Examples of Lead Generation [LG] Classes:

  • Power Prospecting [LG]
  • FSBO Magic, Expired Gold [LG]
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads [LG]

Mentorship Available: Tierra Antigua Realty also offers a mentoring program at a minimal cost giving you training, insight and years of expertise in a few weeks’ time. This program grants you one-on-one sessions utilizing someone’s knowledge to fine turn your own. Includes role playing, scripting, shadowing opportunities, training, marketing strategies, business management and assisting with two transactions from beginning to close of escrow.

Experienced agents as well as new agents have the ability to attend:

  • FREE CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS (CEU) are provided to our agents as a benefit. Agents can meet their Arizona Department of Real Estate CEU license renewal requirements through Tierra Antigua University. There are 26 different classes in all ADRE categories. These are conducted on a regular basis.
  • LEAD GENERATION CLASSES are developed to give knowledge of different ways to generate leads by giving the agent the ability to choose the avenue that best matches their strengths. These are geared to assist agents in formulating their plan of action to cultivate new clients thus increasing their success. Some examples are: Prospecting and Time Management – How to get it done,  creating Leads from your Database, Converting for Sale by Owners, Pathway to Professionalism, Networking through Social Media, etc.
  • TECHNOLOGY AND MARKETING CLASSES assist the agents in gaining an in-depth knowledge of Tierra Antigua and industry tools to achieve more efficiency within their business. Examples of these are: Marketing on a Dime, Target Marketing, Agent Marketing Tool 101 and 202, Basic Technology Skills, Creating Newsletters and Marketing to Your Center of Influence, RPR for Beginners , Property Verification and Dotloop 101.
  • NEGOTIATION CLASSES to hone your negotiation skills. Negotiation is a critical element in our day-to-day real estate career. Improving these skills will improve your service to your clients as well as your closing ratio. Included under this category are: Getting Them to Help You, Negotiating Offers, Master Negotiations, Pricing War at the Door, Getting More Contracts Accepted Every Time, Overcoming Objections, etc.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT CLASSES are geared to assist agents in reducing risk for their clients, themselves and for Tierra Antigua Realty. Risk reduction is an essential ingredient to your success as a real estate professional. Increasing your industry knowledge is critical. Attending Tierra Antigua Orientation, the monthly office meeting, classes in Legal Pitfalls and How to Stay Clear, Representing Buyers & Sellers on Short Sales and BankOwned Properties, Working with Investors, Submitting Offers on the Fannie Mae & Hud Sites, and the new agent Freshman Series are some of the ways you can increase your industry knowledge.
  • PRO CLASSES the Pro Series classes include some of our updated classic courses along with some new ones, all tailored to help our agents learn how to better manage their business and prepare them for success.There are 15 classes total. A checklist is available so that you can keep track of which classes you are registered for and attended. Each time you attend a class beginning 8/14/2020, we will give you credit for attending, and once you complete them all you will earn the Tierra Pro Designation that can be shared on your personal marketing and email signature. You’ll also receive a free bronze level service!
  • Video affording agents the ability to access select courses at their own convenience and timing. Numerous non-CEU classes available and TAU is dedicated to continuing to build
    these libraries.


One of the things I love best about Tierra Antigua is the philosophy that no one agent is more important than another.   Tierra offers affordable tools to all agents and encourages agents to work together for the common goal of offering exceptional service. At Tierra, I was able to double my volume and income very rapidly using mostly free tools offered by the brokerage. Tierra is an inexpensive place to work while offering high quality tools for those beginning their careers.  If I were starting my career or wanting a change of scenery from another brokerage, I would absolutely choose this brokerage over any other.  

What I love most is the excellent administrative support with a smile, 24 hour sales manager coverage for those tricky questions and the free continuing education.   If you are starting out as a new agent, Tierra offers a mentorship program and many seasoned agents to help you along the way.    You will learn that the highest level of integrity that starts with the Broker and extends to the sales managers, administrative staff and agents.

-Kathy Westerburg, Tierra Antigua Agent