Add Email Signature to Tierra Mail

How to add a image signature to your Tierra Antigua email.

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Tierra Antigua Email & TierraAll FAQ's
What is a TierraAll email?
TierraAll is an email list that allows you to reach over 1100+ agents with the click of a button. Tierra Antigua agents use TierraAll to ask vendor suggestions, promote their listings, ask for assistance and much more. Learn some frequently asked questions about this powerful tool below.
How do I send a TierraAll email?
TierraAll emails can ONLY be sent from your Tierra Antigua email. All other email platforms, such as Gmail, will not work.
1. Log into your Tierra Antigua email on a desktop by going to
You can also go to and click the Email button inside of the Agent Resource Center.
2. Log into your email:
Username: Your entire Tierra Antigua email address. (Ex:
Password: Follow the instructions below if you forgot your password.
3. To send a TierraAll email:

Click 'New' to create a new email.Send the email to:

Fill out the subject and body of the email. When you hit 'send', everyone on the TierraAll list (over 1100 Tierra Antigua agents) will receive the email.

I forgot my Tierra Antigua password. How do I reset it?
When your Tierra Antigua email account is created you were given a password to login. If you have fogotten this password, please follow these steps:
1. Go to:
Username: Your Tierra Antigua email
2. Click 'Forgot Password'
If you have a recovery address on file you will receive an email with directions on how to reset your password.
3. If you received an error back, you do not have a recovery email set up. Call the Foothills | Central office at 520.544.2335 to have a staff member reset your password and help you set up a recovery email.
How do I add my Tierra Antigua email to my mobile device?
If you would like to send a TierraAll email, or send emails from your Tierra Antigua email, from your mobile device then follow these instructions:
iPhone: Click Here
Droid: Click Here
**Things you will need to know before adding your email to your mobile device:
1. Your Tierra Antigua email
2. Your Tierra Antigua email password *If you do not know your password, follow the instructions above.
If these instructions do not work for your phone, call the Foothills | Central office at 520.544.2335 to schedule an appointment to have a staff member help you.
How do I send all of my TierraAll's into a folder in my TierraAntigua email?
If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of TierraAll's that are coming into your inbox and would like to separate them into another folder, Click Here to learn how. 
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