Representing Seller (Listing Paperwork)

1. Different views (grid versus list)
2. Creating loop
a. Name of loop needs to be property address
i. DO NOT connect to MLS (always use the google map)
b. Select template
c. Check on stages- want it to be listing for sale
d. Check status- change to pre-listing
e. Moving Documents within the loop
f. Bringing in additional documents to templates
3. Filling in document using the “view detail” tab
a. People already on loop
i. Adding additional people – do not add to team
b. Select level
c. Fill in additional information in this form
4. Selecting Documents to open to fill
a. Handling the dates for exempt delays on Listing agreement and listing profile sheet
b. Filling out document
ii. Using autofill
iii. Listing agent signing documents that you are authorized to sign
1. Exempt Delay Form
2. Listing Agreement
iv. Saving information
c. Sharing of documents with Seller for signature(s)
v. Creating custom message
vi. Attach document as PDF (on share tab)
d. Showing what the seller sees on their end
5. How to handle two sellers with the same email
a. One seller need to create a new email for themselves
b. Print documents and have them wet sign
c. Host in person signing

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