Broker Review – “Submit for Review”

1. Submit for review within 1 business day or 2 calendar days of execution
a. Listing once executed if it is being delayed into MLS
b. Accepted purchase contracts
i. Resale
ii. New Constructions
iii. Land
iv. Commercial
v. Short Sale upon seller execution (not wanting until bank approval)
vi. Auctions
vii. Bank owned Sellers
c. Rejected offer
2. Broker Review
a. Select Folder
b. Select Status
i. Listing- MLS Agent input
ii. Listing- MLS Office input
iii. Rejected offers
iv. Under Contract or Rejected offer
3. Initial broker:
a. review completed within 3 days of submission
i. Contract checklist
ii. Status change to “returned to agent by manager”
iii. Approval of document or returned
iv. Broker will remove any document/placeholder not needed for this transaction
4. Trailing Documents
a. Upload but do not submit additional document until initial broker review has been completed

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