Pusch Ridge Stables

Pusch Ridge Stables

For Tucson's finest riding come out and experience Pusch Ridge.  We offer   the best trails and horses, individually selected to suit you.  Both the novice and the advanced rider can enjoy the splendor of acres of natural desert or mountain trails that will allow you to peek into the past and view unrivaled beauty.  Special nature trails and moonlight riding add to the magnificence of Pusch Ridge.

To increase your enjoyment of Tucson's great outdoors, allow us to pack you into the mountains for an overnight.  Or, join us for an early breakfast ride and watch the desert awake.  An evening steak ride through our foothills permits you to witness the awesome colors of a western sunset.  Any of these experiences can be yours by joining us at Pusch Ridge.

Whether your group is small and intimate or large and looking for fun, one of our hay rides is perfect for you.  We use only horse-drawn wagons and follow desert paths to secluded camp sites where mesquite fires await you.  Special activities such as a hoe-down, volleyball or horseshoes are available.


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