Great American Playhouse

Great American Playhouse

Located in beautiful Oro Valley, Arizona an evening at The Great American Playhouse is always a treat for the whole family.

 Get to the Theatre plenty early. As you arrive for the evening’s performance, you will be greeted by glamorous ladies and dapper gents. They link their arms through yours and chat with you as they escort you to your seat.

The show starts before the curtain goes up, so come early and enjoy the entertainment before the first act. Drinks and free popcorn help provide early arrivals the energy to laugh and sing during the entire show.

In addition to all original, outrageous musical comedies we offer musical parodies of classic movies, TV shows, and Broadway hits, with a melodramatic twist! Each show also features a high-energy variety show we call ‘The Olio’ following the play with more singing, dancing and comedy. It’s 2 shows in 1!

From the time you enter the theatre, you escape to a place with no worries of everyday life. While you are waiting for the start of the show, you will be treated to a dazzling display of piano pyrotechnics playing music to sing-along. Leave your inhibitions outside!

When the show starts, be ready to boo and hiss the dastardly villains who justly deserve our scorn. Cheer for the wholesome heroes and innocent heroines, because they truly deserve our praise. The Great American Playhouse actors love audience participation. Who knows, maybe you’ll be dragged on stage! Sing along and tap your feet to the music of the olio performers who make sure that no-one gets bored between acts.

A variety of tasty food selections are optional and can be ordered right at your table. The menu includes pizza, cheese crisps, sausage and meatball sandwiches, ice cream treats, beer, wine and soft drinks.

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