Kino Sports Complex

Multi-purpose facility with meeting and party room basketball court, pool, soccer, baseball and softball fields. 

Fantasy Island is a popular area for mountain bikers. It is located on the east side of Tucson near Irvington and Harrison

Directions: Go south on Harrison until it ends and hits Irvington. Drive right across Irvington and park in the dirt lot. Chances are that there will be several parked cars in this area.

I have found Fantasy Island trails to be fun but I have yet to find a good map of the area and the trail intersections are sporadically and poorly marked. If you are not with a knowing local, be prepared to be mostly lost here. You will eventually find your way back to a road but you may ride longer than anticipated. Beginners should ride the Bunny Loop from the Valencia Road parking area. Keep eyes peeled for small trail signs unless you are up for riding the washes at the north end of the area.

Musselman Honda Circuit is a fully functional fully lit racetrack located right here in Tucson. We have the most exiting and fastest go karts around and we specialize in go kart & motorcycle rentals as well as corporate and group events. We host monthly track days for both beginner and advanced drivers/riders for drifting, autosport (cars), sport bikes/supermoto and race karts. Check out the website for more information!

 This 18-hole golf course, designed by famed Tom Fazio, is built around the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, and features the famous 100-yard par 3 signature hole.

Indoor rock climbing combines balance, flexibility, strength and problem solving to provide a challenging workout for climbers of all abilities. For beginners, there is no better place to learn the skills needed to climb inside safely. For climbers that desire to hone their abilities, there is no better place to develop and train.
Come and join us—by yourself or with a group of friends/family—for a unique and highly enjoyable fitness experience.

This golf course is the home of the PGA Northern Telecom Open.

Enjoy a few hours on the miles and miles of trails in the Sonoran Desert and Saguaro National Park or in one of their horsemanship classes. The ranch is located in the serene Tanque Verde Valley surrounded by old mesquite trees.

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