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Christopher Paul Zerendow

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Christopher Zerendow
Office Downtown
Phone (612) 382-2518
Languages Spoken English
I'm interested in helping the creative community of Tucson grow in ownership. My training is as a visual artist, I still think of myself as a painter. I'm also an amateur musician; I play the viola da gamba. The needs of creative individuals are particular and unique. Space to work and create, free of distraction is essential to the creative process regardless of discipline. So is the freedom to walk, dwell and absorb the amazing features of the Sonoran Desert, from succulent to sky. Visual artists, writers and musicians all have different spatial requirements but the poetic sensibility is the same. I’m interested in facilitating our creative growth in Tucson. As a real estate agent I understand language and can easily demystify the process. I’m also a creative thinker and strive for creative solutions to individualized needs. I believe our creative community increases our quality of life in Tucson. I also believe property ownership is a gateway for creative capital.