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Agent Marketing Free Agent Website
(with the option to add IDX)

Tierra Antigua has purchased unlimited access to Agent Marketing's resources for our agents.

One of those resources is a free website. You have the option to upgrade and add IDX connection for $24.99*/mo.

They provide a complimentary 'Marketing Makeover' to help you design your site, or you can easily pick from their many themes that are already created.

We recommend scheduling a personal 1-on-1 success coaching session to talk about the benefits of their agent websites.

To log into your Agent Marketing account go to and fill in your username and password.

Once logged in, call the support number at the top right to schedule a success coach meeting.

(Agent Marketing sample website)

agent website

Free Single Webpage Option

Tierra Antigua has provided each agent with a free webpage on our website!

It is easy to set up and can be updated at any time.

Here are easy step by step instructions on how to get started:

Log on to

Go to Agent Resource Center, and click on Agent Profile icon, this will then bring you to a form to fill out.

(When an agent first signs up with Tierra Antigua, they are provided with a standard Agent Profile, it is up to you to update the standard version with your personal information.)

Fill out this information as much as you can, the more information you provide, the better for your clients.


Make sure to fill out your Biography. This can help your clients to relate to you and connect with you!

You can also provide us with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube links so that your clients can connect to you with social media as well!


Once you submit this form it will be updated within 3 business days.

If you already have purchased a domain, you will have to contact your domain provider to see how to connect your domain to your page.

If you have ACTIVE listings in MLS your profile will show a "View My Listings" button which will give clients an options to view all your listings.


Each profile is provided with a "Contact Me" section to where clients can fill out their information and it will email you directly.


Once you have filled out all the information needed you will receive a beautiful, no-cost, website, to help you and your business grow!


If you have any questions feel free to contact the Marketing Department at 520-544-2335!

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